The Winners List

Our winners are notified and confirmed via email. Below is a list of our most recent winners. Confirmed winners are added chronologically after the competition has closed. Don’t see your name on the list? Keep entering daily!

Win the complete National Trust garden tool and brush kit

Ended: May 27, 2015
Img 5065
  • Congratulations mrs c. from Suffolk!

WIN Baby Bio Vitality Products for more beautiful blooms

Ended: May 27, 2015
Baby b1
  • Congratulations Denise B. from Lincolnshire!
  • Congratulations Pauline G. from Dorset!
  • Congratulations Anthea H. from Dorset!
  • Congratulations Richard B. from Buckinghamshire!
  • Congratulations Carolyn C. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations Lynne h. from Herefordshire!
  • Congratulations Alistair S. from Somerset!
  • Congratulations Cheryl W. from Norfolk!
  • Congratulations Christine L. from Cambridgeshire !
  • Congratulations lyn t. from lancashire!
  • Congratulations Kerry C. from Lincolnshire!
  • Congratulations Beverly F. from West Midlands!
  • Congratulations Alison J. from Warwickshire!
  • Congratulations ann c. from shropshire!
  • Congratulations mrs l. from cornwall!
  • Congratulations mrs G. from Ross-shire!
  • Congratulations Heather D. from Essex!
  • Congratulations Anna G. from Dorset!
  • Congratulations Penelope J. from Warwickshire!
  • Congratulations Ann W. from Oxfordshire!

Win a Cobra lawnmower and tipping handcart

Ended: May 27, 2015
  • Congratulations Matthew W. from Lancs!

Win tickets to Blenheim Palace’s blooming flower show

Ended: May 19, 2015
  • Congratulations Les H. from Oxon!
  • Congratulations sylvia b. from East Sussex!
  • Congratulations colin A. from Isle of wight!
  • Congratulations Carol C. from Lancs!
  • Congratulations Karen D. from Suffolk!

Win a goody bag from Mornflake

Ended: May 15, 2015
Mornflake april 2015
  • Congratulations Helen r. from Merseyside!

Win a hamper of Superdrug feet-pampering goodies

Ended: May 14, 2015
Electronic pedi
  • Congratulations sharron b. from devon!

Win 15 x Wildlife Jack DVD's

Ended: May 12, 2015
  • Congratulations Caroline G. from Hnts!
  • Congratulations jacqueline s. from beds!
  • Congratulations Abby m. from Berkshire !
  • Congratulations Rodney M. from South Derbyshire!
  • Congratulations Mrs S. from Dorset!
  • Congratulations Linda S. from Bedfordshire!
  • Congratulations Emma M. from Kent!
  • Congratulations Susan T. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations Caroline G. from London !
  • Congratulations MRS C. from BUCKINGHAMSHIRE!
  • Congratulations Mrs C. from Herts!
  • Congratulations Bridgette P. from England!
  • Congratulations ltziar M. from Worcs.!
  • Congratulations Debra H. from Essex!
  • Congratulations CAROL A. from STAFFORDSHIRE!


Ended: May 11, 2015
Main media packshot toast rack new coffee top 2
  • Congratulations Claire J. from W Yorkshire!
  • Congratulations Andy H. from Devon !
  • Congratulations Miss N. from LONDON!

Win a pair of of Gumbies Islander flip-flops

Ended: May 9, 2015
Gumbies flip flops
  • Congratulations David W. from Bedfordshire!


Ended: May 1, 2015
  • Congratulations Andrew I. from Nottinghamshire!
  • Congratulations John M. from Buckinghamshire!
  • Congratulations Crystal H. from Lincolnshire!
  • Congratulations Victoria N. from Greater London!
  • Congratulations Andrew R. from Devon!
  • Congratulations Ian C. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations Neil M. from South Yorkshire!

50 tubs of Flower Power up for grabs!

Ended: April 30, 2015
Img 17163
  • Congratulations Mrs G. from Kent!
  • Congratulations Laura A. from North Lincolnshire!
  • Congratulations Kathryn S. from Ayrshire!
  • Congratulations Jean C. from Leicestershire!
  • Congratulations Karen L. from Fife!
  • Congratulations brenda c. from Suffolk!
  • Congratulations barbra s. from norfolk!
  • Congratulations Vicky R. from Leicestershire!
  • Congratulations Denise S. from South Yorkshire!
  • Congratulations Tegan D. from Devon!
  • Congratulations Julie T. from Lincolnshire!
  • Congratulations Carol T. from North Yorkshire!
  • Congratulations Ying C. from Nottinghamshire!
  • Congratulations Irene M. from London!
  • Congratulations hannah j. from kent!
  • Congratulations mrs e. from lincolnshire!
  • Congratulations Caroline A. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations Neville L. from Bucks!
  • Congratulations Marilyn F. from Cornwall!
  • Congratulations DAVID W. from MIDDLESEX!
  • Congratulations Jennifer L. from England!
  • Congratulations simon r. from high peak !
  • Congratulations Mrs T. from Ayrshire!
  • Congratulations Marisol S. from Backinghamshire!
  • Congratulations ms a. from Lincolnshire!
  • Congratulations PETER H. from NORTH YORKSHIRE!
  • Congratulations Matthew K. from Cornwall!
  • Congratulations Linda S. from East Yorkshire!
  • Congratulations David R. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations valerie c. from London!
  • Congratulations Mrs T. from Staffordshire!
  • Congratulations Heather H. from West Yorkshire!
  • Congratulations MRS R. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations Caroline f. from Manchester!
  • Congratulations Kerry-Ann S. from Kent!
  • Congratulations Patricia T. from Norfolk!
  • Congratulations mr c. from Suffolk!
  • Congratulations Helen F. from Cornwall!
  • Congratulations Ivy F. from South Glos!
  • Congratulations Sarah M. from Norfolk!
  • Congratulations Alan P. from Hampshire!
  • Congratulations Dave M. from Cornwall!
  • Congratulations mrs t. from hampshire!
  • Congratulations Caroline W. from Kent!
  • Congratulations Andrea K. from Suffolk!
  • Congratulations Eileen R. from Cleveland!
  • Congratulations Martina P. from Worcestershire!
  • Congratulations donna m. from united kingdom!
  • Congratulations Michael S. from West Sussex !
  • Congratulations Karen D. from Suffolk!

Win Sinéad Moriarty's collection of novels

Ended: April 30, 2015
Secretsisters comp 480x420 1
  • Congratulations Robert S. from Middlesex!

Win Homebase Vouchers for Bank Holiday ‘Create it Yourself’ projects.

Ended: April 30, 2015
  • Congratulations Andrea S. from Suffolk!

Win Neudorff Organic Gardening Products

Ended: April 29, 2015
  • Congratulations Rosemary B. from Suffolk!
  • Congratulations Lorraine H. from Essex!
  • Congratulations Carol A. from Hants!
  • Congratulations Alison W. from Surrey!
  • Congratulations Rod H. from Worcestershire!
  • Congratulations Ursula B. from Kent!
  • Congratulations joseph p. from lancashire!
  • Congratulations sean t. from lancashire!
  • Congratulations Brenda D. from Bedfordshire!
  • Congratulations Denise S. from South Yorkshire!

Win A Projection Clock And Wireless Weather Station

Ended: April 29, 2015
Bar218hg 01
  • Congratulations Mary J. from West Glamorgan!
  • Congratulations Paul W. from Lincolnshire!

Win a luxury 2-night stay at Barton Grange Hotel

Ended: April 29, 2015
Bedroom 4 b
  • Congratulations Amanda J. from Clwyd!
  • Congratulations Pam B. from Cornwall!


Ended: April 28, 2015
Smartstow studio open folded
  • Congratulations Stuart R. from Ayrshire!

Win a £50 Tesco voucher

Ended: April 27, 2015
  • Congratulations terence m. from Cheshire!

Win a £200 Post Office One4all Gift Card

Ended: April 25, 2015
  • Congratulations Katrina G. from Cornwall!

Win 3 x Hozelock Seasons Pico Reel

Ended: April 14, 2015
Hozelock 1
  • Congratulations Robert W. from Cheshire!
  • Congratulations Alan H. from London!
  • Congratulations Marguerite H. from West Midlands!